What To Tell. How To Tell It.

  • Who's It For?

    This course is for anyone who's had an affair and needs help with what to say to their spouse/partner. It may be taken individually or with a partner who takes the Truth Talk for Injured Partners course.

  • Content

    The course guides you toward an intentional conversation with your partner about your affair, while avoiding some common problems. See the content below.

  • FAQ

    How long do I have access? 100 days. What if I need more time? Just ask. Will I still benefit if my partner doesn't take their Truth Talk course? Yes. Each course is created to be used alone or with the partner's course.

Course Content

  • 2

    Preparing For The Truth Talk

    • 5 things you should do right now...
    • Your Partner Needs Answers
    • Setting Expectations
    • Preparation Guidelines
    • Evidence of A True Confession
    • What do you remember?
    • If you are in counseling...
  • 3

    Having TheTruth Talk

    • Before you continue...
    • Truth Talk Outline
    • Your Truth Talk Response
  • 4

    After The Truth Talk

    • Does your partner believe you?
    • Dealing with Ongoing Affair Questions
    • Making Progress
    • If you are in counseling...
    • Recommended Next Step


Tim Tedder

Tim Tedder

Tim Tedder, LMHC, NCC is a licensed counselor, author, and creator of AffairHealing.com. His passion and services are focused on helping individuals and couples find their way to healing, change, and renewal.