Changing Your Relationship Pattern

  • Who's It For?

    For COUPLES wanting to change their pattern of interaction, especially in negative encounters (disagreements, disappointments, disconnections), to experience a more satisfying connection.

  • Content

    The course provides an understanding of how relationship patterns shift in disappointing ways and teaches steps that will guide couples into stronger ongoing connections.

  • FAQ

    How long do I have access? 100 days. What if I need more time? Ask. Can I take this course without my spouse? This course can be helpful for individuals wanting work on change, but some of the exercises are intended for both partners.

Course Content

  • 2

    The InterACTIONS Principle

  • 3

    Why InterACTIONS Start Out One Way, Then Change

    • Disappointing Shifts
    • Your Changing Perspectives
    • Exercise: Refocus
    • What's Next?
  • 4

    Your Established InterACTIONS

    • Encounters
    • Reaching
    • Pushing
    • Leaving
    • Interaction Alternatives
    • Interaction Alternatives Quiz
    • Your Personal Pattern
    • The Origin of Your Pattern
    • Exercise: Why You Do What You Do
    • Your Relationship Pattern
    • Exercise: Exploring Your Relationship Pattern
  • 5

    Shifting to New InterACTIONS

    • The 2 Steps of Repair
    • 2 Steps Quiz
    • Mini-Posters
    • When One Partner Shifts...
    • When Both Partners Shift...
    • Exercise: Resolve a Negative Encounter
  • 6

    3 Strategies for Interrupting Negative Encounters

    • Strategies Intro
    • #1 Plan for Time-Outs
    • Time Out Quiz
    • #2 Switch To Curiosity
    • #3: When Angry, Go FFISHing
  • 7

    Experiencing Ongoing Change

    • Your Stages of Change
    • Resources Overview
    • Create Connecting Conversations
    • Keep A Journal
    • InterACTIONS Course Summary
    • Additional Resources


Tim Tedder

Tim Tedder

Tim Tedder, LMHC, NCC is a licensed counselor, author, and creator of His passion and services are focused on helping individuals and couples find their way to healing, change, and renewal.