Refocusing On The Basics

  • Who's It For?

    For COUPLES wanting to review the fundamental requirements necessary for building a secure and satisfying marriage.

  • Content

    Conversations and exercises in this course focus on the couple's view regarding (1) boundaries and trust, (2) vision for their future, and (3) understanding each other's needs.

  • FAQ

    How long do I have access? 60 days. What if I need more time? Ask. Can I take this course without my spouse? You can, but the course is designed to encourage intentional interactions between partners.

Course Content

  • 2

    Securing the Foundation

    • First Thoughts
    • A Word About The Foundation
    • Exercise 1: Boundaries Survey
    • Exercise 2: Boundaries Discussion
    • The 1 Thing
  • 3

    Defining a Shared Vision

    • First Thoughts
    • A Word About Vision
    • Exercise 1: Personal Vision
    • Exercise 2: Shared Vision
    • The 1 Thing
  • 4

    Making Supportive Efforts

    • First Thoughts
    • A Word About Relationship Needs
    • Exercise 1: Your Relationship Needs
    • Exercise 2: Relationship Needs Conversation
    • The 1 Thing
  • 5

    The Ongoing Work

    • You Need More Than Good Intentions
    • Other Considerations
    • What's Next?


Tim Tedder

Tim Tedder

Tim Tedder, LMHC, NCC is a licensed counselor, author, and creator of His passion and services are focused on helping individuals and couples find their way to healing, change, and renewal.